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Monday, November 2, 2009

the early stage (:

heyy all!
err,okayy. this is my first blog to be right.
quite janggal. :D

actly,da lme dah aku brangan na wat blog sndri.
tp bile smgt nga kobar2 na wat, ade je mnde yg alang.
ujan la,org dtg la, sme gangguan yg menarik dri from being close proximity to my lappy. haha..
n now, on 11.54 am, 2nov2009, aku tetibe trase energetic na wat blog sndri. yea yea. mntk2 xde la org kco lg kan. haha.

sesunggoh nye, aku sgt sgt boring skg niy.konon td nak create essay for muet. sje sje la na wat, t na soh mak @ teacher juliana check kann. haha. tp tetibe tecetos idea na wat blog niy. takpelaa. lbh krg la kan. essay jugak. cme extremely broken grammar and vocab la. hahh. for sure! haha.

urmm,doe! ta tawu na ckp pe sgt. blur blur lg. bese kan mule2 cam msk skola tuhh.. xde kwn lg. blur blur la kan. haha.. okay, merapu!

and dear all my precious or unprecious frens,
u will be update later okayy. ;]]
thats all for now. see you. :)

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