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Saturday, March 13, 2010

biology fair 09/10

first and foremost, sorry lmbt update. but stil fresh in mind. ;)

date: 20th FEB 2010

time: 8.3oam - 4.00pm

venue: DU kmm

titile: germination of seed

thanx h3p5, for all ur commitment to make it well.nmpk sume org btungkos lumos perah idea nak present yg terbaek. and alhamdulillah. we've made it! congratz to all! h3p5 the best!


caption: decoration time. ptg tuu sme booth kosong lg. dewan pon cam x riuh sgt kan..

caption: perkampungan h3p5 di dpn DU. haha. mcm tgh rewang jew tyme niy. best best!

caption: sesi mnaikkan tiang booth. huru hare gile kan tym niy. pening jew booth2 sblh tgk kls kte. haha. and seriesly, nabil the hottest laa mlm tuu. tett.. for those yg twu cte, keep it secret. haha. ;p

20th FEB 2010:

decortion team. kte antre yg awal kan smpi pg tuu.. thanx korg coz did a good job mse nak prepare for bio fair tuu.

caption: sesi bergambar dekat booth klas b4 perasmian. feeling green. ;)

one of the model of 'seed germination'

caption: tamat laa sudaa bio fair utk batch kte. ptg tuu rmi yg da x lrt nak dtg nak meraih kmngn. ceyh! skema plak ayat. haha. hamper hamper! congrats h3p5. :)

caption: jamuan kelas. and skali gus celebrate kmenangan. and ceebrate bfdy nabil jugakk. kebetulan kan sme hari. heee.. location; bt115.

caption: lets sing together. happy befday to nabil.......... ;)

caption: h3p5 lg. hee. best kanss mlm tuuw.. sme org hepy jep. gonna miss dat moment. and sygg la korgg! ;)


1- thanx to atikah roseman for being the best project manager. hee. sorry taw kdg2 aq cam x larat nak bg idea n nak respon pe ko ckp. especially yg mlm kte decorate booth tu.. pnt sgt weyy.. tp camne pon, kte da bjaye ng jaye nye kan? ;)

2- we win two awards time tuu. 1 for presenation terbaek. and 1 more is, 2nd place for model terbaek. mcm tak caye kan? hee. rezki kite. ;)

3- biology fair mmg havoc! congrats lah kat sume dak2 hayat. mmg sume hebat2!

4- thanx to pn aini coz incharge our klas. ktorg dah bangge kan ckgu kans? hee. sygg ckgu! muahhh! ;)

*sorry to all. tak leyh nak upload sume gmba.. tp rse nye sume msk kot. heee. and thanx korg coz making it great! kte sme2 happy kan even sume pnt. and hopefully kte still keep in touch to each other even dah abes mtrx nnt. h3p5 crew the best! ilyyy! <33


  1. heheee.. da lme da post. tp lupe nak inform kt korg. miss all h3p5's. ;)


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