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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

im sorryy. ;)


i made this entry just for u only.
as it is my apologise to u. (:
td pas jep kte text rin psl frens tu, and blah.blah.,,
kte tros truje nak wat entry kat blog kte psl rin.
aa.sbb kte rse bsalah sgt sgt2..
sory.sory.and soryy tauu!

psst; kte upload gmba niy sbb niy satu2 ny gmba rin sorg2 yg ade kat fon kte. if im not mistaken, niy tyme last kuliah tu kan.. seriess. muke rin laen sgt2 dlm gmbr niy. mybe whithout a spec kanss, ouh! sorryy jugakk sbb goyangg. anis x reti amek gmba la.. heheee. sory anis! but, thanx anywayy. (:

-act aritu kte mmg speechless sgt2. tp, kte kne trime n bjr memahami gak. maybe she's the one for you. make sure dy boleyh heppy kan rin heh. klo x, siap dy! HAHAA! i'll pray for your happiness. kawen jgn lupe jempot! heeeee. ;D

-its already happen. u choose that way. and maybe its true. its all God faith. we should go on in what we choose. just follow the flow.

-may God bless u in whatever u did. and rin salu pesan kat kte salu egt allah. allah akan egt kte. i'll keep that word forever. ;)

- sorryy for all my words. i know it harsh. kte pon da x sgop dah nak bce blk sume2 nye.soryy sgt2. soryy jugak coz being over rude towards u. smpi rin dlete kte fr fren fren list awk. yaa! i deserve it. i know it really2 hurts u. erm, soryy sgt2. kte pon x pnah mrh kwn2 kte sterok cam kte kte mrh rin aritu.. soryy sgt2. and kte pon tkejot la.. let bygone be bygone eaa. hee. sorryyyy azrin!

- i have some advises for you. frens are the gift. appreciate the value of frenship. :) and learn to accepts others view. yg baek kte amek. okayhh?

- kte klo boleyh nak kekal kwn ng rin smpi msg2 da kawen, da tua, da mati and and yg pntg smpi syurge. since yg kte gadoh tu, ari2 kte doa mntk allah bkk blk ati rin nak kwn blk ng kte. tp allah dah lembot kan ati kte nak rndh kan ego kte pg mntk blk frenship kte ng rin. im glad for it! i really need my frenship back. thanx azrin. sbb sudi nak jd blk kwn kte. ;) kali niy xde gdoh2 terok lg haaa. and kwn smpi bile2..! janji tuu!

-lastly, thanx sbb salu wat kte snym mse kat kmm dluu, lg2 tyme dlm kuliah. haha. ngantok2 dlm kuliah, sje tgk2 keindahan kuliah. haha. xde keje! pstu klo t'pndg rin dpt la peace.. hehe. lawakss! aaa, thanx for all that. pasniy, klo jumpe lg,, ermm,, tah ekk. kte lwn spe leyh senyom plg lme ahh. k takk? HAHA!

*azrin! frens forever tauuu! (: and i promise i'll give my support fr behind in everything u do. go go! :D

*thanx to zubair rahman. sbb bg nasihat and x kasik gadoh2 lg ng rin. i respect and appreciate it! (:


  1. ble nk wat post utk ak plk??

  2. hahaaa... tgu da cple ke.. buhuhuu!!
    mmg knfm x kann. haha. jgn arap,,

  3. HAMMMMMBOUUUUYYYYYY!!!!!!..NALA ang noh...hehehehehe...saja kaco kat cni..letak lah kat frenster


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