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Friday, April 23, 2010


at dis moment, i realyy2 feel bad.
guilty,miserable and worst is around me.
kte x pnah mrh kwn2 kte terok mcm kte mrh awk.
i admit my words very harsh.
really2 soryyy..
kte wat ni sme niat nak advise and nak bg awak sdr jep.
hurm, im soryyy..
maybe we are a wayy tooo different fr each other..
im not a good frens for u.
but, if u think we still have a chance to making fren again,
plizz, show ur effort.. coz i really feel down now.
and serieslyy kte x suke nak mrh org.
sbb nnt kte yg cpt rse bsalah. i hate dis feel!
sorrry again for my words.
kte still lg syg kan frenship kte...


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the faith

1-things always come for reason
2-what goes around comes around :)

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