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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

buke puasa with fd babes

OMG! it wass soo sooo happeningg..
korg gilaa best okayhh.
spatotnye kite buke dkt seoul garden kan,
but for some reason, we dont have rezeki to breaking fast there.
ohh. its okayy babes.
we're still enjoy at the oldtown white coffee..
erm, maybe its not typically superb.
but, as long as we are into our group,
its like, we are dominant on everything.
so, never let hell things ruin our mood.

*we have oficially been in one group of girls since sigs lg. since form3 kans??
lame wehh. Frizzy Dumpin' for eternity okaihh! ♥

*actly its a last minutes plan kan korgg? mule2 x cam rmi pulakk x pat joinn..
at last, tetibe ade 6 ketol all together.. and also we meet haza there.
ohh.where did we meet her??
ehem.ehem. at the surauu yaww! :)
p/s: huha.huha sana.sini, solat jgn lupaa!

*kite mmg fun kans klo kua same2. i bet people around would be jealous towards us. okay, envy us pleaseeee.. wajib gelak2 smpi longgar pipi sume klo kite jumpe kann. borak2, gossiping, kutok2 and the best part is snapping. its a compulsory kann?? yeaayy! we do like it.

anyway, anyhow, korggg sgt2 best ekh td. i loikee. (:

................. there are some pictha to be shared.............. DO ENJOY!

maksud tersurat gambar niy:WAHH! ADE DUA KETOL HENPON BARU SEYHH! ikiki. ;D

NOTE: to other fd yg x dpt join td, jumpe korg tour raye nnt ekh. on 15sept2010. baju raye x yah laa glamour2 sgt ekh msg2. al mklm ler, smpi mlm braye. pns kot. hehee. cant wait to meet u girlsss!

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