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Thursday, September 2, 2010


ohh. im currently addicted to that song. for today only, i have play it for more than ten times. lets sing togetha..

i dontt need a parachute,
baby if i got you,
baby if got you,
i dont need a parachute,
you're going catch me, (:

1- actly, i just having my last supper with my roomates for dis week.. bihun grg. full and im getting like ular sawa. soo pemalass!

2- i need to finish my revision on one more chapter for chemistry test tomorow. acid and bases. waa! soo crucial! knape laa nak buat testt time org da nak blk raye ni.jiwa raga sume mgu lps lg dah smpi gumahh dlu. what dederr lah!

3- i already settle packing my bags for going home dis saturday. packing smpi lupaa diri totakk. mcm nak blk teross. beg siket punya kembong. mcm tuan dia kew??HAHA mulot jgn choiiii!

4-esok i wiil continue with my sahor yg tgendale selama beberape hari. hehe. paham paham je la okeyh? saya tak sabar nak berpuasa balik! collect pahala di 10malam terakhir. ;D

5- oh fyi, tomorow my test on maths had been cancelled. dunno for what reason. ohh maybe my lecterer was like 'heyy budak2 ni. dlm klas bkn nye fokus. sme muke pk nak blk je. mcm mne la nak test ni.' haha. then she decided to pospone after raye, alamokk! tyme raye kne stdy maths? ohh maths! im gonna freak! anyway, thanx to cik kiah for always memahami hati dan perasaan kami sbgi student. ;)

6- i just cant wait for tomorow. my bestie, fatin will sleep over my room and we'll going back to jb togetherr. sian dy kene naek shah alam fr upm. heee. takpe kan yunc. boleh kite tido besame.same. wupsss. tiada unsor2 LUCCAH di sini! haha. fatyn, please come quick! i got a lot of gosssippps to be shared!

7- i have started jealous_ing with you! who?? you you!

MOOD : Johor Bahru, Malaysia.

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