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Friday, October 22, 2010

for FD only.

miss you girlss so muchhh!! :(
cant wait to meet u all at jb.
before that,,
lets pray for each other to perform well in our final exam.
do your best ok darlingsss!
i love youu alll sooo muchhhhhiessttt! ♥ ♥

i miss you like crazy
even more than words can say
i miss you like crazy
every minute of everyday
girl, im so down when your love's not around
i miss you
miss you
miss you
i miss you like c r a z y... ♥


  1. yaaa bebehh! harap jea same u. susahh gilaa nak jupe. huhu.


the faith

1-things always come for reason
2-what goes around comes around :)

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