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Sunday, October 31, 2010

the last in october 2010

dah nak msk bln November.
near to the end of the year.
aiyaii, why time always run so fast.
nothing actualy.
cuma nak express ape yg dlm hati ni.
knape sng sgt nak tsentap dgn ape yg dia cakap.
pdhl klo org lain ckp, nampak OK je.
tp nape TAK pd dia?
kenape ek?
ke dah TERsuka dia??
oh no no! hati ini masih lg keras untuk menyatakan statement itu.
...terima kasih.. (--___--)

PS: tomorow im going to sit the paper of computer in chemistry. ouchh! serious shit.. im not favour with this subject. BUT, i have to.. i need to pass it with a flying colours

dear paper, be easy please. :')

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