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Sunday, January 2, 2011

babai jb!

im wake up soo early in the morning.
i think its not suboh yet.
have to be early.
need to left seventy percents part of my heart here.
goodbye lovely bedroom,
goodbye my bathroom,
goodbye sofa,
goodbye kitchen,
goodbye kimora, giuliana&bill, how i met ur mother, cougar town, the kardashians,
goodbye tv actly!
goodbye wifi (i rank u to be the fastestestestestt ever i had used)
goodbye working place
goodbye to mr insurans
goodbye mom's cooking
goodbye daily coolblog (choclate milk tea+pearl)
and a very very goodbye to jb!
im gonna miss everything here.
and highly sure im gonna homesick there. :(
....off to shah alamm...
the new places for me stand still by my own,
have to put more effort to achieve an excellent in my study.
only one word, determined!
so missatiqa, you have to be missSTRONG!

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