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Friday, January 21, 2011

dunia memang adil. saya akur (:

first thing first.
he delete my comment which i made for him after having some missunderstanding.
he changed his default name.
he changed his profile pic.
and lastly;
he delete me from his fb friendlist. -_-

why u have to do so??
a) avoiding from me
b) im disturbing u a lot?? (serioussss?? i dont think so)
c) i've been rude towards u?
d) im not a good fren of u?
e) im too good for you. (i love this answer)

please answer me...

betol la org ckp dunia ni mmg adil.
smlm aku delete org lain.
sbb aku x perlu kan dy lg.
suddenly. hari ni,
ade org lain plak yg delete aku.
seriously. its beyond the expectation.
sedehh. tp terpaksa pasrah.

ya allah, ape yg aku buat selama ni?
is it im not the good one for him?
knape mst ktorg putos kwn?
salah aku ke??
ya allah. jika perpisahan adalah yg terbaik untuk kami.
aku redha dan aku doa kan dia berjaya dlm hidup.
dan sekiranya persahabatan adalah terbaik untuk kami,
aku merayu pada mu.
kau buka kan lah pintu hati kami untuk berbaik dan
kau kembalikan lah semula penyatuan dan persahabatan kami.

PS; im soryyy for what i've done. soryy for been the starter of making enemy between us. i never expect it to be. if we stil have a chance, i realy realy want to make it in other way.
( --__--)

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