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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

the tourist

hey people!
i just watched nowshowing movie "the tourist" with my housemates at jusco bukit raja.
johnny depp yaww! oh i like it bebehh!
and for this time i really have to admit that jolie was a pretty georgeous actress.
serious shit.
i hate her for what she is.
anyway, that movie was kinda awesome even some of us were like been twist while watching it.
oh no matter what, i give 80% for that movie.
know what, all my predict towards the plot are most wrong.
shiiiishhh.. so slow i am!
heh heh! biaselahh da mlm2 uh otak dah mkin kecot. gheee.

and we arrive our home sour home at 12 o'clock.
and another bad things is, i couldn't find parking unless blocking others car.
ohh terok nyaa!
luckily handbreak dah turon kan.
but still esok pg pas smyg suboh x bleh smbg tdo blk.
quickly alihkan krete sblm tuan2 punya krete x kira bangsa dan umor mengarok sambil mencalar.calarkan katak hijau aku dgn garfu besi.
ooohhhh pleaseee nooo! :o

okayy, aku serios mlm ni nak jgk siap kan asignment. tp nak write by hand mlm ni jugak mcm x mampu je. hehe. so, pozpone esok pg plak kot.
tdo dluuu. heeee..

PS one: oh, one more thing, thanx for confront me. i dah tego u mcm biase kan td? heee. sory coz i not realize that my expression have hurt u all this while.. anyway, i like ur dimple (heh saje je amek hati. hi hi )

PS two: seriously miss smile come out from me which cause by u.. miss u like crazy even more than words can say. miss the word demok from u. tc no matter where u are! ;')

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