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Sunday, March 6, 2011

forever 20 (=

heyy happy birthday atiqa anuar.
no more teen! :(
its twenty.
sokay, at least, day by day, im grown up well. ( hihi i guess)
thanx to those yg wish tgh2 mlm ni. and thanx in advance to those yg akan wish.
and thanx jugak to those yg x wish. hmmmm...
at least, i know, sape yg ingat sape yg tak.
okay? think positive! ^__^
well,, i wish, all my dream this year will come true.
too many dream(s)
ya allah, please bless me (:

ohh im having a great evening with my bestie, mel and mr red mini cooper, afiq. hihi.. thanx afiq for everything today. baju tesame karer plak ng kete. siap terselit skali owner dy kat blkg tuu. haha

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