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Thursday, March 17, 2011

what ever

hye people! i know its having a long time i didnt blogging.
to tell the truth, im seriously fucking hectic day by day.
in fact,im only left one month until the final exam.
goshh! one month to go?? i havent prepared at all.
alahai atiqa, x berubah lgsg! semua menda nak last minute
haihhhh..... ~

ohh anyway, i got something to share with.
sabtu hari tu, hang out pg midvalley dgn FD babes,
only four of us.
me, fatyn, hani and and mel who is specially comes from melaka.
mel, kau lahh satu satu nye besfren aku yg sgt sgt suka menggilaa
dulu kini dan selama nye. HAHA.
well, supposely ktorg tgk movie same2. but ya, you know its mid! always full.
so ktorg just round2 all over mid sambil borak2. sampai letih2 haus2.
yg penting makann! baru bertenaga. thehee.
but it was totally great sbb dpt jumpe and kebetulan tyme tu semua org mcm tgh stress and need each other to spend time with.
i love u all.
and hani, thanx a lott dear sbb hihi. baik sgt and rajin sgt nak fetch aku kat shah alam. hihi..
gedikk gile kan aku x nak grk sndri. kesian kau. dah la tyme aku text tu kau dah kat area bangi.
pastu kau dgn rela hati nye patah blk s.alam sbb nak fetch aku. pstu baru pg mid.
hehee. blk pon same. oh seriouss mcm puteri lilin habes kan aku.
but hey hey others! aku ni tak lah mcm tak ada hati lemak perot sume. selambe badak naik kete org x ulor ape2 kann. oh sooo not me laaahh!
cuba kau rase kalau org tompang kete kau. pastu kau amek and hantar dia. then bila lalu tol ke petrol pump ke. dia buat muka mcm badak air tak tawuu ape ape. pehh! menyirap kan??
being in FD babes, we have like naturally alert on that.
im glad that im just absorb that manner from FD rules and routine. something that can be proud of. sharing is caringg. right?
anywayy, thanx a lot hani and mel for spend ur afternoon there.
and to fatyn, be strongg dear. we're always here next to u.
i love u girlsss!

PS: i just cant wait for tomorrow. (:

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