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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

let the picture story :)

assalamualaikum semua.
oh yeahh! i know its been a while i haven't updating my blog. seriously, my final exam made me freak.hectic and busy. i do have less time to do everything. and now, im about a week already to be at jb. hee. again sorry coz i really don have time and frankly speak, dont have a mood to blogging. heh heh. hari hari keluar je mana ade mase nak berbelog. ye dok kak temah?? haha.

ok, lets the story begin.


fatin sleep over my house and we went to jusco bukit raja for 3D thor. it was awesome.


wet world shah alam with the housemates and epul bebeh and kechik. heyyy! yg ni plg best. release segala tension2, stress2 yg tersemat indah dlm diri. having fun yawww!
lepas penat jerit2 suma. smpi dah rasa nak terhitam kulit, ktorg pon gerak pg picnic kat tasek. pg tuu semua org smgt weh bgon pg2 nak prepare food. ok sgt cemerlang semua. :)


babai shah alam. takot nnt rndu sbb 4 bln cuti, smpt la amek gmbr kat blok rumah. haha. heyhey johor bahru! im home. tapi tapi yg plg best, smpt jugak singgah KMM mase hntr mimi. heh. rinduu nye KMM. ♥


kongsi time. oooyeahh.shaheizy sam. ♥


happy teacher's day. and hello tutti frutti jb! (:

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