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Saturday, April 23, 2011

i love my parents more than everything

abah, mak,
among all of people around,
i love u both the most.
its the permanent fact.
everything i want, u never let me down.
soon or later,
still i can get what i requested to.
thanxx mak and abah.
for fulfill my wishes.
for giving soo much things for your one and only daughter.
seriously i owe u much.
i promise one day i will pay u back.
everything and all,
i'll pay u every single things.
but still i cant afford to beat your kindness and lovings towards me.
im soryy for not being such a good daughter all this while.
but, i try to make u proud of me.
promise, one day i'll bring back a successful for you.
for the sake of u,
i'll do everything.
i love you both soo damn much.

ya allah, please be by my side and help me to m8 my parents proud of me. they are part of me. please bless them. :')

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