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Friday, April 15, 2011

4 memories i won’t forget.

1- school life. ohh i miss my school life. serious shit. -__-

2- kene pukul dgn tali pinggang dgn abah.the first and yes the last too i guess. when i was in standard 5. hihi. coz im always like cats-dogs-fights with my little brother which is 6years younger than me. ugghhh! akak benci ajim masa tuu. hahaa. ;pp

3- the first time i am far from home. being into matriculation life. but its weird im just okay that time. no crying at all. lepas dah salam2 and peluk semua, they were like stand still and looking into my eyes whether i will cry or not. i was like, 'laaa, iqa x nangiss lahh. haha. okay balik lahh. babai' HAHA.

4-the old sweet and bitter memories about him and him and him and all people who give me so much things to remember :')

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