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Monday, April 11, 2011

8 things that annoyed me

1- person who loves to making noise 24/7 and shouting. ughhhhh! shutup pleasee!

2- si 'keras kepala' dan 'hati batu' and a big fat liar

3-people who only knows to give instruction but they just stand still and no step are made

4-internet loading and stuck in a congested area.

5- bila xde kawan, bila ada masalah, suka merempat mntk simpati. pastu, bila dah happy, bila x de mslh, tak ingat diri. seriously they're sooo pathetic looser! ( speak in malay to give more clear effect)

6-people who think and act like they are beautiful or handsome but sorry to say they dont.

7- orang yg tak faham bahasa. they dont have human-sensitivity. majorr annoyed!

8- people who love to give instruction more that one time. once is just enough for me dear. thank you for talk much. but seriously i don like it. :')

***can i add extra point?? hehee.
lastly, person who talk behind. i hate the most! (:

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