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Saturday, April 9, 2011

10 random thought about me

1- i am not a big fan of kids actually. but i do love play with the baby because they dont talk much. hihi.

2-im the person who loves to a privacy. to tell the truth, sometimes i do have a problem to share my stuff with others. how bad me. its bcoz of im the only girl in my siblings. i've never share my things with other family members even my room. but now, i'd learnt to be into " sharing is caring"

3- i dont know why i never interested on korea, japan and taiwan movie and song. -____-

4- i love to eat so badly. a lot and LOT! ♥

5- easy-going and happy-go-lucky person. but sometimes im 'kepala angin' tooo. hihi. this is serious.try to make jokes when im on kepala angin mood, i will show my very annoying respond towards u. heh heh.

6- im a money-minded. its totally me. winkk winkk!

7- many of people outside said im vain. oh seriouslyy? please do know me first. its not that im vain. it just that em easily forget to smile when im on doing something.

8- i am a big fan of malaysian actors. heeeee. they were all charming and major woww! especially farid kamil, shaheizy sam, adi putra and aeron aziz. melting yawww! ♥

9- i am daddy's daughter. :)

10- im heartless person sometimes. i do easily melt with guys who know how to make me laugh and do have their own attraction. but after a few days, everything will going to be normal back. ^___^

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