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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

10 things you hate about me

im the person who love to a peace. i dont like to be in a noisy and crouded place. fyi, i've never go to jom heboh since it been organise by tv3. seriesly, aq tak suke bising2 niyy. tp klo kat shoping complex, ^mak ok jerrr.. ^ HAHA!

i dont like to share my stuff with others. yaa.people said, sharing is caring. herm, what i mean here is, i dont like my wears especially, like cloths, shoes, shawl, beg to be shared with people who not close with me. klo mcm duet ke, shampoo ke, cawan ke,charger ke, or anyything yg rse cam pntg gile, bleh consider lg la.. sbb its a need kan. tp klo ape yg ade kat kte x kan nak bg org pnjm, nnt ble org napak dy pakai, den org simply said tu brg dy. pastu, by the time kte plak pakai, org akan cakap yg kte plak pnjm brg org tu. pdhl kte pnye kan? seee. i have a relevant reason why i don like org pnjm2 brg ni. *im the only girl in my sibling. kre mmg x biase la nak share2 brg ni. what mine is mine, what yours is mine tooo!

i dont like the pencapap. seem like dorg ni xde natural features jep. smpi perluu tarik perhatian surrounding. haha! what dederr??!!

sometimes i dont accept peoples view. rase nak menang je. lg2 tyme debate. ouh. i have one tips how to control it. what i do is, senyom, pastu angguk and said ^haha. okay. ^ mesti dorg tros diam. bia la dorg rase dorg always right. yg pntg deeply said in heart ^ im always the right^

im the one yg x tetap pendirian. easily influence by mood and surrounding. cam mule2 aq ckp nak kuar somewhere ptg ni. tp lg 5menet b4 nak kua tu, aq boleh sng2 cancel an plan bcoz of aq rse cam mood aq berubah tibe2. mcm mean gle kan. kesian kat org2 yg pna tkene. soryy people!

aq selalu x boleh ngam dengan lelaki especially yg blom jd kwn rapat laa. ade jep opposite opinion. and ade je aq nak crik psl ng dorg ni. duno for what reason. but i think, i do enjoy it. haha. tp rmi org ckp, ^gadoh2, nnt tersuke bru twu. ^ haha. cbe pikir, klo kte asek gadoh je ng rmi2 org, impossible kan kte boleh nak tersuke ramai2 org tuu. haha. hati cuma satu ye sayangg. ;D

im very tired of waiting. jgn bg aku menuggu lame sgt sbb i'll never show my angry towards u. but inside, rase mmg boleh termaki.maki laa klo x kuat iman waktu dan ketika ituu. haha. beware!

im vain. erm,, i guess soo. fullstop.

im a sarcastic person. if u make me pissed off, i'll never marah or tengking2 u guys. what im going to do is, memperli sebaik dan sekaw.kaw yg boleh. u guys pileh antara nak makan dalam or makan luar. its ur right darl! ;)

aku tak suka di arah. ok. just tell me ONCE what i should do. then, its enough. i know what to do next. thank you. klo u bg arahan lbeh 2 kali utk mene yg same, i'll protest by doing nothing. so, ONE arahan is simple enough. *tak payah mebebel bnyk2. wasting time jew.

....... so, are you going to hate me?? its your right.................

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