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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

buat ku tersenyum ;)

idk why dis lately, he always appear in my mind and even in my dream.
the fact is i am missingg somebody. hell ya. i hate this feeling.

its not suppose to be happen. wait. it should be happen if the "somebody" is not u.
why should i still rememmber everything bout u? i got NOTHING for dat!
sorry me for cannot forgetting you like u did.
beggging u, pleasee teach me how to remove you away from my mind?
i have begin with a new chapters,
but still i cant forget the old chapter which give me so much memory to be remembered.
im currently hear this song, yaa. honestly, i miss the old you. but i wont let you know.

bila ku lelah tetaplah di sini
jangan tinggalkan aku sendiri
bila ku marah biarkan ku bersandar
jangan kau pergi untuk menghindar
rasakan resahku dan buat aku tersenyum
dengan canda tawamu walau untuk sekejap
kerna hanya engkaulah yang sanggup redakan aku

p/s: i miss your smile.

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