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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

merdeka day.

happy merdeka people!
arini genap la 53taon kite merdeka. umm,, as a young generation, im very2 lucky to be as malaysian. malaysia tanah air kuu!

tp tp rse mcm dull jep dok dlm blk ni. x de tv, x napak dunia luar. ape yg saya twu arini public holiday for malaysia. yiepee! xde klas hari niyy! wajib cuti!
anyway, im having a cup of 1now1nescafe! hehee.. sorryy.. i ade excuse npe x pose arini. hehekk. ini lah kelebihan seorang perempuan.. ;)

pape pon,, i have to struggle hard today to do a revision on subject chemistry. coz on dis friday, i hav a second test to be sitted. be easy pleaseeee chemistry paper.... :]

ohh. not to forget, again, happy 19th birthday to my bestie, nany! be a good person okayhh! luv u muchhhiesttt. :D

NOTE: 4 days left. jb, wait for me!

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