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Friday, August 6, 2010

evening class.

heyy there! im currently at computer lab during the CMT400 practical class.. oh. yea. CMT400 is the code for application of computer in chemistry. sounds great?? ahaa, its quite boring for those yg x mnt nak explore pc niy.. sng ckp, mmg aq rase boringg sgt la kan ng sbjk ni. tp na wat cane, dah kne amek. and for sure la wajib pass kan. x nak la kne repeat2 ni.


ok. i guess thats all. saje je boringg2.. hehe.. ouh yaaa! i feel so fakkingg hungry noww. sumpah klo ade makannan dpn mate ni, mmg x egt org laen punye laa. haha. dear time, i have a dinner date with my klasmet at seksyen 2 tonyte.. pleasee make it fast! cant wait! ;D

...... s.a.y.a.r.a.s.a.s.a.y.a.b.a.j.e.t.c.a.n.t.e.k........


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