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Thursday, February 3, 2011

girlfie and boyfiee ♥

h a p p y C N Y people!
m really having a great CNY holiday.
super amazingly happy!
i love u guyss so badlyy.
seriously ^_^
all off sudden i realize that u guys just complete my midsem holiday in jb.
totally awesome! great awesome.
girlss, u were major georgeous. major woww!
boyss, u were grown up well enough. totally woww!
i love u girlss and boysss so damn much. ♥
sometimes enough will never been enough.
i want more time with them pleaseeee.

ya allah, please dont take them away from me. i love them soo muchh. (:

and hey heyy! i love this soo super badly. ♥ ♥

PS: pada girlfie and boyfie laen yg x sempat jumpa cuti ni. hope too see u around nextyme ok. luv u all! (:


  1. waaa kak iqa kte ni da naik mini cooper laa. best nyerrrr

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. kete akak sendiri ke ni?

  4. 1 st pic yg pkai bju merah 2 naqiu kew?

  5. cik adik anonymous: copcop. sape name adik? nnt ltk la nama okayy. anyway, its not mine,,, yet. hehekk. ;p

    syafiza: ohh. yaa. its naqiu. heee. :)

  6. haha~
    btol lar kn.
    blek dungun smlm 1 bus ngn dy.

  7. oohh. awak naek dari larkinn ehh? aah laa. dy turon jb cuti ni. tu yg blk dungun pon stret from jb. huhu. tak pena tego dy ke?


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