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Monday, April 23, 2012

20 things to do before die EPISODE 1

1- perform haji and umrah with the beloved one :)

2- marry the marine engineer hihik :p

3- jutawan wanita ketika berusia 35 tahun.

4- honeymoon at paris and italy with the beloved one :)

5- buy a big and luxurious house for mak and abah

6- beli AUDI TT dgn duit sendiri.

7- bukak butik sendiri

8- ade company sendiri

9- bina sebuah rumah kebajikan, rumah anak yatim mungkin

10- vacation at cruise with family or friendss

11- jadi surirumah yg berjaya sepenuh masa hewhew

12-further studies at overseas

13- further double degree in business and further master in chemical engineering

14- join the masterchef programme

15- naik cable car dekat langkawi

16- main bungee jumping

17- main ASB 500K

18- be the first lady. hikhik

19- buat rumah yg di design sendiri

20- go for lyposuction HAHA

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