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Thursday, November 4, 2010


hey readers!
know what, im curently in lazy--ness mood.
ouuwww. sheeeeet.
org sume dah stat behempas pulas stdy maths.
aku lepak.lepak lg atas katil.
wakakaa. gua mmg selambe_land je beb! :'D

aclty, td pas solat mageb,
i feel soo tired n exhausted
then, i take a sleep until 10pm. HAHA.
ok. to tell the truth,
im suffering for anxiety disoder
while sitting for general chem at 2.15 to 5.15,
for 3hours.
can u imagine it?
i was like, ughhh. ape mcm complicated n compact sgt soklan2 dy.
n im skeptical. sume chemist kne sit paper chemy dgn menggigil.gigil ke?
d a m n !
and as the invigilator take away our answer paper,
stil like,,
~duhh! sempot dan tercungap.cungap.
why so? i hate it fakking much.
ok. let it be.
keep on praying for the miracle,,
ALLAH maha berkuasa.. :')

ok.td pas tjage,
tgk2 bilik kosong.
uwaaa! im gonna cry, ;'((
tp teringat blik,
b4 tdo td, mira was ready to have a dinner with her frens outside.
n ju, as usual. outside society.
fatin?i guess she was in her friends room.
okayy. then, first thing pop up is,
l a i c i k a n g!
ohh Frogg! im lack of credit.
tgl 2sen. x cukop nak text mira.(celcom)
thinkk and thinkk syggg! and yes mimi my hero!

me: mimi. crdt aku tgl 2sen je. x ckop nk text mira. ko tny dy da blik ke lom. lau x, aku na kirem laicikang or abc fredo. TQ!

...after 4minutes, then, i got incoming call from mira...
but, she already ate and now she's on her way to i-city... awww.sedeh nye. urm, xpe mira. nnt, ko drop 7E bli coke ehh. lbeh kurang je karer ng laicikang tuu. haha. ;D

and im starving for the laicikang.
* serious
and guess what,
i quickly change my wear and voraciously went to dc (nearest cafe)
bought air mate kucing and wafel. he he!
i know, its look like,
im in a sleep walking mood
bangon2 tdo teros starving for drink.
pastu teros pg beli kat bwh without cuci muka dulu.. HAHA.
and i don care what people might think.
coz i am very satisfy now.
air mate kucing kan lbeh krg je rse dy dgn laicikang.
thats y im not prefer to sleep in early night.
coz when i wake up,
i was like ,u>mengidam mende yg merepek
ni sume salah paper general chem td.
penat jwb, balik2 teros tido.

ok. im going to perform isyak first after this.
and ready to bersengkang mate dgn maths.
maths is my life. i love mathematics!
*macam poyo kan bunyik nye?
and i know sume rase mcm nak baling je telur ayam over my head.
hha. ye ye lah! tah tah bru buat satu soklan dah tdo balik.
well, im hoping that i can really into it!
chaiyyokkk! ^__^

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